Murder At Haven’s Rock – Kelley Armstrong

Haven’s Rock is a spin off series from the Rockton novels. The Rockton novels are about a secret village in the Yukon where people go when they need to disappear for a few years. Casey finds herself moving to Rockton with her friend after a person from her past comes calling – or so it seems.

Casey’s skills as a detective are the reason the two of them are granted sanctuary in Rockton. There’s a murder for her to solve – one that Sheriff Eric Dalton doesn’t think he needs her help for. As they progress through the case, it becomes apparent that there’s more to the sheriff. Intrigued, Casey digs deeper.

The series follows Casey and Eric with the rest of the townspeople as they solve more murders but there’s something else going on in the background and the pair are determined to uncover the truth of what’s happening to their little town. More and more residents are being refused to extend their stay and with less people being admitted to the town to replace those being shipped back home, the duo begin to suspect the town is being shut down.

Casey and Eric formulate a plan to save their little town and the people they’ve come to count on. They enlist the help of some of the other residents to create their own Rockton – Haven’s Rock. Construction is well under way but the town is still months away from being ready when Casey is called in to help. Two of the team have disappeared. This isn’t the way the pair wanted to enter their new town for the first time but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. All is not as it seems and soon they discover that the local wildlife isn’t as welcoming as they would have liked.

I really enjoyed Haven’s Rock. It was filled with mystery and intrigue. We met some new neighbours whom I’m sure will provide extra help for Casey and Eric as they continue to build up their little haven. There was a lot of set-up for the new village but it still felt so much like the old Rockton they left behind. I did miss all the other characters but I’m sure many of them will make an appearance in the second book. If you haven’t read the Rockton series, I would suggest starting there as there’s a lot of background covered there. I can’t wait to see what Kelley has in store for them next.

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