Top Ten Tuesday – 21/2/23

Favourite Heroines and Heroes

Elena will forever be my top heroine. This wolf takes shit from nobody. Kelley Armstrong writes a BAMF. Elena is strong and fierce. She loves her pancakes and maple syrup so she deserves extra points for today’s top ten as its pancake day!

Casey is another favourite from Kelley Armstrong. She cares for the people around her, which is what led her to the city of the lost. She is loyal to those she chooses to surround herself with. Casey is driven and intelligent, plays the game and catches the killer.

Yes, its another Kelley Armstrong series. Olivia has to navigate a whole new world after a shocking revelation. She came from a wealthy background but that doesn’t mean she has the air or arrogance of the elite. No, Olivia takes to her new life with no money gracefully.

Oliver takes us back to his fourth year at Dellecher Shakespeare Academy where one of the class is murdered and nobody knows who did it. Each of them are suspects. Oliver navigates through the year as he tries to find who the murderer is. This book holds a special place in my heart.

Auren is the plated prisoner. I found myself rooting for her right from the start. She has let her fear be turned against her, helping King Midas keep her trapped. She learns and grows so much over the series and I look forward to the final book due later this year.

Auset has to fight her way out. She refuses to let them beat her and tear her down. Instead, she plays it smart, keeps her head down and bides her time. Meeting the scorpions changes everything.

Emmett has to fight to regain his memories after they are bound away. Its a beautiful journey of self discovery when he finally regains his memory.

Scarlet has a deep love of movies and set out to prove to her friends and family that you can have those movie moments in real life. She found more than she had ever hoped to find. This cosy romance will have you giggling away.

Avalon has to fight for everything she has. Everyone might see her as trailer trash but this spunky girl has fire in her veins. She dominates and takes what she wants.

Micki sets off on a journey to exact revenge on those who took advantage of her. Her journey is a dark road. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel but she doesn’t think she will be the one that makes it there. All she cares about is protecting the ones she loves most.

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