The Maddest Hatter

My dream of being the Mad Hatter came true at the weekend. I attended an Alice in Wonderland experience in Glasgow this weekend with a few of my friends. We each donned our chosen Wonderland costumes and dashed around the city centre. We had to solve puzzles and collect clues along the way to save Alice. The city was filled with lots of wonderland teams and I met several Hatters’ along the way. I lapped up the experience and fully immersed myself into character.

I enjoyed seeing all the other Hatter costumes. It was interesting to see each individual’s take on the Hatter. We might all have been the same character, but each person had a different idea on how the hatter should look. From the type of hat to the style of jacket, no two Hatters were the same. A visual buffet of Hatters if you will.

I guess what I took from the day is that everyone’s perspective is different. What I may think a character looks like can and will be different from what the next person sees. The writer in me can see the beauty in that and I hope that my own characters spark a similar visual buffet.

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