Speciality caramelatte with extra shot please.

I was today years old when I realised Caffe Nero has two F’s in its name.

Every member of my writing group today.

Today I attended my first physical write-in with my writing group. The first time I have met them in person, face-to-face. Oh sure, I already knew what they looked like from our bi-weekly zoom write-ins but it was a pleasant change of pace. We were responsible and adhered to social distancing measures. We met at my favourite little cafe with its signature blue and black palette and quickly claimed the back wall. The palpable smell of roasted coffee beans wafting in around my face mask. Divine.

I say quickly. In actual fact, we stood around, loudly discussing our need of sockets for our laptop chargers while casting not so subtle glances at the patrons surrounding the corner table one of us had first claimed. Due to social distancing measures and the smaller size of the tables available, we required at least three tables to spread ourselves out sufficiently. As soon as people vacated their seats, we descended upon them, desperate in our bid to sit apart, together.


Naturally we got very little writing done. Far to busy, were we, conversing and disputing all manner of subjects. We discussed plots and themes of some personal WIP’s, shared our experiences of the pandemic so far and discussed our love of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I’m particularly enjoying the Canadian series right now. There were discussions about war times. We theorised about the Mayan Calendar – the predicted 2012 world ending and the new prediction that the world will end this year. Not as far fetched as previously thought, given the current state of world affairs and the global pandemic. There was the possibility of the world slipping into a parallel universe and of course, conspiracy theories galore. And just for good measure, we chatted about politics and set the world to rights. Oh, and of course we couldn’t call it a truly productive write-in without creating a list of writing prompts. My favourite suggestion being the ‘meet-cute-murder’ prompt. Thrilling and enticing.


In all honesty, it was a productive session. We may have spent the majority of our time chatting and earning our fair share of questionable looks from the cafe’s other patrons, but I assure you, we were productive. There was the reorganisation of post-it notes, words were written in notepads and on Scrivener. I even managed to jot down some notes for my new project. Alas, it was time to come home. I enjoyed our little gathering, however, I equally enjoyed coming home to a delicious homemade chocolate orange brownie constructed by my O.H and her little cousin who had come to stay for the weekend. It was deliciously moist.

Until next time.

Be kind.

Georgie x

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